Golden Prairie Wild Boar Meat

Wild Boar Meat in Regina, Saskatoon, Yorkton and Saskatchewan

Our wild boars are raised free range on the plains of Saskatchewan. We allow our wild boars to behave naturally by having their young outside in a nest they have prepared themselves out of straw and grass.

Wild boar is different in taste and texture to domestic pig. The colouring of the wild boar meat is a lot darker than normal pork and has its own unique taste. This type of meat is very lean due to the animals’ fat being concentrated in a single layer under the skin instead of it being marbled throughout the meat. This means the fat can be easily trimmed if required, but many cooks believe the fat layer provides a "self-basting" element and helps retain succulence.

Golden Prairie Wild Boar Meats is a family run business. Originally from North West England where we had a sheep and dairy farm we came over to Canada in November 2007 to farm in Saskatchewan. We thought Saskatchewan was the perfect place to raise animals as there is plenty of land and ideal conditions to allow the animals to stay in their natural environment, free range.

Our wild boar meat used to be shipped to Japan but we decided we would like to bring our good wholesome meat to the Saskatchewan people. We started to sell our meat at Farmers markets in September 2009.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is wild Boar the same as domestic pig? No, it is the wild ancestor of the domestic pig. A wild boar has a long nose , compact body and thick dark bristles all over its body. Also, the fibres in the meat are different to pork.

What is the meat like? Wild Boar meat is a healthy lean meat. The fat on a wild boar is layered under the skin instead of being marbled through the meat so it can be discarded of if necessary. The meat is dark in colour like beef and has a lot more texture to it compared to domestic pork.

How do you cook Wild Boar? Due to the meat being lean, wild boar must be cooked slowly otherwise the meat will dry out and become tough. The best way is low and slow, slow cookers are perfect for roasts as it cooks it nice and slowly.

If you raise them on your farm then they can't be wild...Wild boar is a breed. All of our animals are raised in their natural environment in woodland areas . We give them straw and hay so they can make their own nests to have their young in. The are fed a natural diet of green feed, alfalfa hay and grass.

Are wild boars dangerous? Yes they can be, especially if you corner them , go near the young or if you come across them unexpectedly. You always have to keep on your guard whenever you are near them and always make sure they know you are there so then you don't scare them and keep away from the young ones.

Nutrition Table

Typical values based on per 100g portion

  Raw Meat Cholesterol (in MG) Protein (in G) Saturated Fat (in G) Unsaturated Fat (in G)
Wild Boar 55 26.1 5.2 2.9
Beef 62 19.6 11.2 4.1
Pork 71 16.6 22.5 8.3
Chicken 57 20.5 4.3 1.4
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